Real Estate Offer Rejected

Reasons Your Offer May Not Be Accepted

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The economy is doing well.  Unemployment rates are low.  The real estate market is strong and steady.  People are looking for homes to buy again.  In a normal real estate market, this would be great news!  But considering we are emerging from one of the biggest real estate market crashes in history, it makes for a tricky transition.   There are …

Camas Real Estate

Camas Real Estate and History

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Camas Real Estate Camas is one of the most popular “small” towns in the Pacific Northwest, and for very good reason!  Camas, Washington is located about 15 miles Northeast of Portland, Oregon.  Named after the Camas Lily, this once small mill town has really blossomed into a destination of it’s own over the past ten years or so.  Whether you want to grab …

Real Estate Negotiation

Real Estate Negotiations Explained

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In today’s real estate market, there are exceedingly more buyers than homes on the market.  People are all looking for a good deal, a nice home, property, RV parking etc, etc.  Once a home hits the market with one or more of the qualities a buyer is looking for, there is a good chance another buyer – or five – …

Buying a house

Buying a home from start to finish!

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Whether you are a first time home-buyer or just haven’t purchased a home in years, this is a quick timeline of what to expect when buying a home from start to finish.  We summarize these things for our clients in person as well, but it’s always nice to have a point or reference to look at later.  Let’s face it, during a home …

Fort Vancouver Lantern Tours

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Looking for something truly authentic to do in Vancouver, WA this fall season?  Whether you are new to the Vancouver area, or a native – you need to check out the Fort Vancouver lantern tours.  The Fort is a wonderful national park located in Vancouver, WA.  It houses a year-round calendar of events, demonstrations, and guided tours to teach about …

Credit Hack

What you need to know about the Equifax data hack

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What Happened with Equifax!? Almost 40% of the US population may be at risk after the Equifax hack a few weeks ago.  There was a website vulnerability that left access to confidential data open and accessible.  Over 143 million customers had their data “compromised”.  Yet, only 15 million people have visited their website to ask for help.  As customers of the …

Vancouver WA Real Estate Market

Vancouver, WA Real Estate Market

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Vancouver WA Real Estate Market Update Spring was booming here in the Portland \ Vancouver areas as usual.  But where exactly does the Vancouver, WA real estate market stand?  Are things cooling off a bit for the fall and winter?  Did the inventory increase at all?  We know that the incredibly low inventory is what has driven prices up in …

For sale by owner

Real Estate Agent vs For Sale By Owner

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In today’s world of advanced technology, you’d think selling your home should be a pretty easily automated service. When Netflix hit the internet, and you could suddenly stream movies and TV for $9.00 a month, cable subscriptions started to fall drastically.  It didn’t take very long for people to see the value in the affordable subscription service.  When cell phones …

purchase a home

What do I Need to Buy a Home?

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Just like any other large purchase or investment, a little homework is good before you buy a home.  Whether you are a first time home-buyer, or maybe it’s just been a long time since your last home purchase – there are some things you need before you start shopping.  The market is moving rapidly these days, and it’s best to …