Top Schools in the State of Washington

Camas Schools

The Pacific Northwest hosts some of the best schools in the state of Washington! The most highly sought-after is Camas School District. Camas schools not only host the states first place High School Football team (2016), but it is also home to some of the most successful academic programs around.  People come from all over to enroll their students in our area’s great schools.  Vancouver actually has 38 total elementary, middle, high and arts schools!  Learn more about what they can offer your family below:


Camas Schools

Both Camas and Washougal Schools have advanced technology programs aimed to help students in all levels of their education.  Younger children benefit from iPads to help them interact and engage – and older students benefit from Chromebooks to help them create materials and organize their work.   Camas schools is getting ready to roll-out a 1:1 style program where each student in specific grade levels will be issued their own personal device.  Washougal School District actually started this same program in 2013, and it’s been very successful.  Students in the lower grades are assigned iPads, and High School students have access to both iPads and Chromebooks depending on their curriculum.  This gives students who don’t have access to the technology required by today’s curriculum the ability to do the same quality of work as their peers.   Vancouver hosts the iTech Prepatory school that helps prepare students for technology based careers (grades 6-12).


Classroom Education:Camas Schools

The majority of Camas Schools are rated 7 and above based on test scores, benchmarks, and parent satisfaction!   It’s uncommon for any school district to have such high ratings across the board.  This makes raising a family in Camas so ideal.  Many of the local districts including Vancouver, Evergreen, Camas and Washougal have recently passed educational bonds and levy’s for new schools, programs, and staff.  The schools in Clark County get a lot of love and support from their surrounding communities which makes investing in better opportunities for students simple and effective.

Washougal Schools offer CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs that are designed to give high school and middle school students job skills right out of school.  It allows Washougal students to determine what their strengths and weaknesses are before attending college, and it allows them to develop on those skills.  These programs include Finance, Technology, Health, Welding, Woodworking, Mechanics and more!

For something a little more unique, check out Camas Schools “Integrated Arts and Academics” program.  This academically challenging four year course allows students to learn how arts play into careers and teaches them job skills along the way.  The students have the ability to work not only on school projects but also in the Camas area for public and volunteer opportunities.  They are allowed to shadow people on the job as well, which gives them a head start in any career field they may choose to pursue.  The focus of this program is Critical Thinking, Community, and Creativity.

Vancouver and Evergreen Schools offer more bi-lingual Spanish English classes than any other local district.  They also offer immersion classes in both Spanish and Mandarin!   Vancouver students can enter these programs as early as Kindergarten and continue through 5th grade where they will migrate into standard Spanish and Mandarin classes as well as English speaking classes for middle and high school.


Our local schools employ over 5000 staff members.  If you are looking for a job with Camas, Washougal, or Vancouver Schools – there is always an opportunity open for almost every job field.  Each of the local schools offers job postings directly on their websites and they are updated almost daily.  The local schools offers great benefit packages and retirement through the state for union employees.